Paumelle pour fenetres, portes ou analogues

Hinge for windows, doors or the like

Band für fenster, türen oder dergleichen


The invention concerns a hinge for windows, doors or the like, comprising at least a frame element and at least a movable sash element, said frame element being pivotably linked to the movable sash element via a pivot (9) forming a hinge pin (S), as well as a pivot adjusting device arranged in at least one of the knuckles (3) of the hinge elements, said adjusting device enabling said pivot (9) to be mobile in the knuckle (3) perpendicularly to the hinge pin (S) and parallel to itself, and comprising a displacement mechanism. Said displacement mechanism is formed by said pivot (9) or by an adjusting element, arranged inside the pivot or more or less concentric to said pivot.




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